When you run a marketing or information campaign using SMS or text messages, please ensure you follow rules and regulations governing mobile marketing.

(a) Please ensure that your mailing list has only opt-in subscribers; in other words, your recipients should have voluntarily agreed to receive messages from you, or expressed interest in your product or service. Marketing campaigns have a higher success rate when the information you send reaches an accepting audience.

(b) In the interests of privacy, please ensure that you keep your account information safe and secure so that only you or a limited number of your staff has access to the data stored in your account.

(c) If any recipient in your mailing list does not wish to receive any more messages from you and has informed you of the same, please ensure you remove their data from your database. Unsolicited messages don’t only limit the success of your campaign; they can also expose you to legal problems.

(d) List management is an important requirement in SMS campaigns. Organize your mailing lists continuously so that your message always hits the right audience.

(e) Manage responses from your recipients efficiently: Ensure messages are acknowledged and acted upon immediately.

(f) Send an ‘SMS’. In other words, keep your message brief. Remember, your target audience is an on-the-go person who will appreciate your keeping it short.

Keywords To Avoid In Your Message

Please avoid any of the following keywords in your message to prevent blockage of message by the operator which can lead to loss of SMS credits, account blacklist and eventual account closure if you fail to discontinue using the banned keywords.
'Congratulations', 'Lottery', 'Claim', 'Win', 'Free', 'Won', 'Spam', 'Million', 'Sum of', 'Mtn',  ‘Airtel’ ,’Glo’, ‘Etisalat’ , and other related words
If you have genuine reason to use the suspicious keywords, please contact our Support to register your keywords so your message can scale through.



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