Pricing Chart
Credit Volume(Units) Price Per Unit(₦) Amount(₦)

1  -  4,999


₦ 1.90  -  ₦ 9,498.10

5,000  -  9,999


₦ 9,250.00  -  ₦ 18,498.15

10,000  -  19,999


₦ 18,000.00  -  ₦ 35,998.20

20,000  -  49,999


₦ 35,000.00  -  ₦ 87,498.25

50,000  -  99,999


₦ 85,000.00  -  ₦ 169,998.30

100,000  -  999,999


₦ 165,000.00  -  ₦ 1,649,998.35

1,000,000  -  10,000,000


₦ 1,600,000.00  -  ₦ 16,000,000.00

Credit Unit Calculator
Enter Credit Unit to determine cost of SMS or vice versa
Steps To Fund Your Account (For bank deposit and internet transfer payment option ONLY)

Step1: Pay to any of our 3 bank accounts listed below
Step2: Login to your SMS account
Step3: Go to Billing, click on Post Payment Info
Step4: Submit your payment details and wait for Dmobili Admin to confirm your payment and credit your account

Payment Information
Bank Details
Name Defture Nigeria Ltd
Bank Zenith Bank Plc
Acc# 1014635718
Name Defture Nigeria Ltd
Bank FirstBank Plc.
Acc# 2024283229
Name Defture Nigeria Ltd
Bank StanbicIBTC
Acc# 0001030634
Name Defture Nigeria Ltd
Bank GTBank Plc
Acc# 0007580128

Frequently Asked Questions About Pricing & Coverage

My purchase is not showing yet. What should I do?
If you paid by Bank Deposit, your SMS credits should show up as soon as your payment is confirmed.
If you paid by Online Transfer, it will show up in a few minutes as your payment is confirmed.

Do you accept online payment?

How many contacts can I store?

What is the total number of SMS messages I can store in my inbox?

How many SMS messages can I send in a day?
You are only limited by the number of credits in your account. If you have purchased enough SMS credits, you can send thousands of messages per day, as there are no limits.

Do you send low balance reminders to registered users so they know when to buy more credits?

Is this service available worldwide?
You can send text messages from anywhere in the world to any country. You can also sign up at any time and start sending text messages, as our SMS service is available globally.

Does it cost more to send internationally?
You can send SMS messages internationally at local rates. We use a credit-based charging system.  The number of credits per SMS varies from country to country.


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