White Label Reseller
Your Brand, Your Profit, Our Technology

SMS Marketing and communication is in high demand, and smart businesses are leveraging Bulk SMS as a secret weapon to convert faster than the competition. The use of Bulk SMS as a powerful and effective communication, marketing channel will continue to rise for many years to come.

 As a White Label Reseller, you will become a player in this lucrative business and earn your way to financial success. Financial success is not guaranteed when you choose a wrong partner for the White Label Reseller Program. Choosing the right partner is as important as your financial success goal. It requires being SMART in your choice of provider!

With satisfactory testimonies from our clients across all industries of our award winning and industry leading Bulk SMS service, you will be reselling Dmobili.com Bulk SMS service powered by a robust technology and a unique, easy-to-use interface different from the rest in the market. Rebrand our software as your own, and keep 100% of your profit.

Dmobili.com offers the tools you need to succeed as a White Label Reseller. From the professional frontend website built with easy-to-use content management system which gives you freedom to manage your site content to a Turn-key White Label Platform for managing your clients and business efficiently.

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