TECHNOLOGY messaging service is built on strong technical infrastructure that is based on the most reliable and industry-proven hardware and software

Architecture scalable architecture consists of:

1.   Inbound Server Layer
This layer receives services using different protocols. Its scalability feature makes it easy for adding servers for additional services.

2.   Service Request Processor (Controller)
This handles user and content authentication and authorization and charging of units and managing balance
3.  Outbound Server Layer
This layer delivers services using different protocol. It is also scalable to add servers for additional services

Scalability messaging platform can scale vertically and horizontally to meet diverse and changing business requirements reliably and affordably. With a scalable architecture, we will be able to integrate new services easily.

World Class Hosting

Our solution is hosted in a world class data center which guarantees fast and reliable worldwide connectivity and 99.9% service uptime

Routing messaging engine is optimized for efficient routing. Routing is optimized among several gateways to guarantee message delivery at optimum pricing.


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