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Get reliable Bulk SMS from leading Bulk SMS provider since 2008. Bulk SMS solution is used by individuals, businesses, and organisations of all sizes for marketing, customer service, and transactional alerts.


Registration of Sender Name is required by Operators before you can send SMS. You are allowed to register as many sender names as possible. Login to your Dmobili account and submit your sender name for registration. Registration process takes ONE business day excluding weekends!


Our SMS Pricing

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Credit (Units) Rate(₦) Amount(₦)

1  -  4,999


₦ 1.90 -  ₦ 9,498.10

5,000  -  9,999


₦ 9,250.00 -  ₦ 18,498.15

10,000  -  19,999


₦ 18,000.00 -  ₦ 35,998.20

20,000  -  49,999


₦ 35,000.00 -  ₦ 87,498.25

50,000  -  99,999


₦ 85,000.00 -  ₦ 169,998.30

100,000  -  999,999


₦ 165,000.00 -  ₦ 1,649,998.35

1,000,000  -  10,000,000


₦ 1,600,000.00 -  ₦ 16,000,000.00

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  • It is the route used by the Networks for sending for sending strictly Promotional (Marketing) SMS campaign. To prevent Spamming and to ensure good SMS delivery, the Networks require users to register their Sender Name, which is usually processed and ready for use under 48 hours.
  • Alpha route is a Marketing route. To avoid spamming, the Networks require you to register every new Sender Name which is usually processed and ready for use under 48 hours. No submission of business documents required. Click here to register your Sender Name now
  • Login to your SMS account. Click on Register Sender Name on the left column on the Compose Page and fill in your new Sender Name and submit. We will notify you through email once your Sender Name is ready for use
  • Premium2 & Premium routes deliver to only MTN DND numbers. The undelivered SMS might be DND numbers of other networks – Airtel, Glo, and 9mobile networks. Check your delivery report for details of the DND numbers
  • Premium2 route sometimes experiences occasional change in Sender Name when you send SMS. This change in Sender Name is often temporary and is usually corrected by the Operators on time. If you want a permanent Sender Name then you must register your Sender Name for Corporate route. Click here to see requirements to register for Corporate route
  • Only Premium and Alpha routes deliver to International numbers. Check your current route selection and switch to Premium or Alpha routes before you send SMS to international numbers
  • OTP route is used by financial institutions and corporate organisations that send registration PINs or transactional alerts to their customers. You will be required to submit CAC Certificate and Letter of Intent to register for OTP route.
  • How do I buy SMS units?
  • You can buy SMS units online with your ATM card or through bank deposit or internet transfer. Click here to buy SMS units.
  • How do I get your bank details?
  • Click here to view our bank details
  • How do I submit my payment info after making payment?
  • Click here to submit your payment info.
  • Why is my account not credited after 15 minutes of submitting payment info?
  • Account crediting is sometimes delayed if your payment is not confirmed on time with our bank
  • How do I reset my account password?
  • Go to the login page, click Forgot Password and enter your registered email address. A new password reset link will be sent to your email inbox. Click here to reset your password.

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